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The Valley View Diner faces Highway 191, between Nazareth and Bethlehem. In a month or two, as we enter into winter, nearby farm fields will begin to fill with majestic snow geese. Not cold enough yet. This morning the temperature was in the low 60’s, the sky a breath-taking September blue. A slight breeze swept through the air. Perfect going-out-to-eat weather.

My son was my breakfast companion on today’s outing. When we arrived shortly after eleven the restaurant was a little over half-full. The Valley View is a popular diner that appears to do a steady business, morning and night.

On entering we were promptly shown to a booth of our choosing next to a front window. The diner’s traditional decor with classic mirrors made it feel airy and welcoming. A small vase of silk daisies provided an added homey touch to the soft turquoise and gray booth.

Our drinks were delivered quickly – coffee and water for me, a glass of Sprite for my son. A smiling waitress took our orders. The Valley View’s menu featured a broad offering, including a good variety of omelettes and pancake choices. The chocolate chip pancakes sounded delicious but I resisted my sweet tooth and instead asked for a bacon, tomato, and cheddar omelette. He ordered scrambled eggs, smoked sausage, and rye toast.

While waiting, we began catching up. Life changes when one’s child becomes an adult and moves away. The time spent together seems even more precious. We talked about our jobs and discussed other projects we’re each working on. I was warmed to hear about the desk he’s set up for his computer, using an old piece of furniture long in the family.

Suddenly our friendly waitress was delivering our meals on warm white plates. My omelette was delectable with small chunks of fresh tomato, tasty bacon, and cheddar cheese. It was moist and filled with flavor. As we requested, the homefries for both of us were browned and crispy. My son’s smoked sausage was split and grilled. He enjoyed it and the scrambled eggs. Servings were substantial, more than we could quite finish. Our pleasant waitress gave us terrific service.

The bill for our breakfast – my omelette, home fries, toast, and coffee; his eggs, smoked sausage, home fries, toast and soft drink, totaled a little over $14 (plus tip). Food, service, and atmosphere were all excellent and made our morning’s visit an even more enjoyable one.

The Valley View Diner is located on 570 Nazareth Pike (Highway 191) in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. In addition to a great breakfast menu, they also offer interesting lunch and dinner choices. I encourage a visit.


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