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An errand in Easton on this drizzly Saturday took us south on Sullivan Trail in Forks Township, PA. We decided to stop for breakfast at the Forks Diner, just down the road from Braden Airpark.

As we entered the diner, a young hostess asked us if we’d like a booth or table. “A booth,” I said.  Booths are quieter, more intimate, and it had been a long while since M and I had been out together on a breakfast date. Breakfast out with one’s husband allows time to talk and we had much to discuss.

We’d just opened the menus when our waitress appeared, a middle-aged woman wearing glasses and a comfortable smile. She quickly brought glasses of water, cups and saucers, along with a filled carafe of hot coffee then gave us time to browse the list of offerings. We saw a huge variety of omelettes, along with French Toast, pancakes, and the usual other breakfast foods. This morning M treated himself to steak and eggs. I opted for eggs and bacon. Both dishes came with homefries and toast.

While we waited, we sipped steaming coffee. Not overly strong, more to M’s taste than my own, but it tasted good on this gray morning. We browsed through the newspaper, commenting on an article or two. Salary freezes and lay-offs caught our attention.

Our food arrived promptly. M’s steak was more pinkish brown than the rare he’d asked for, but his eggs were poached nicely. My scrambled eggs and bacon were flavorful. The potatoes were crisp, as we’d asked, but they tasted old, like they’d been cooked up yesterday. Not sure I’d order the homefries again. Our wheat toast was evenly browned and hot.

The Forks Diner is larger than it looks with two sides for seating, along with a counter. It is slightly dated but still has a nice, friendly atmosphere and the booths allow private conversation. We enjoyed talking quietly in our high-backed booth, catching up on our daily work lives. I noticed others also engaged in similar quiet talk.

Throughout our meal our waitress was attentive but not invasive as she checked back occasionally to see what we might need. Friendly service.

Our total bill came to just over $17 (plus tip) for my meal of two scrambled eggs, homefries, three slices of bacon, toast, and coffee, and M’s plate that included a small steak, two poached eggs, homefries, toast, and coffee. Two could easily eat breakfast for under $10, depending on what was chosen.

The Forks Diner is located at 3315 Sullivan Trail Easton, PA 18040-7621. (610) 252-1028. I hope you stop by for a visit. Eating breakfast out is good for the economy, and maybe good for your relationship, too!


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