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It started out innocently. We wanted to go to a country diner.  One of us (neither claims credit) suggested we breakfast 180drive out Highway 248.  We’d stop at the first diner we came to west of Bath.  Ten minutes went by.  Good conversation.  Fifteen minutes.  We passed a pizza restaurant; doubtful it served eggs and bacon so we kept driving.  Twenty minutes.  Lots of trees and fields but we didn’t really feel like hunting for our breakfast.  Twenty-two minutes.  We drove by signs for towns we’d never heard of.  At twenty-six minutes, his stomach began to growl.  Mine had been grumbling for the past few miles.  That’s when we decided to exit at the next town to seek out a diner, whether it was on 248 or not.  And that is how we found Beacon 443 Diner/Restaurant in Lehighton.

We walked in through the side door at the end.  Beacon 443A waitress offered us our choice of seats in the half-filled diner.  We chose a window booth.  She gave us menus to look through while she brought our coffee.  I’ve noticed there are two types of diner menus: 1) large, heavily laminated, colorful menus that seem to have been printed by the same printer, and 2) those that are unique, more homegrown.  Generally, though not always, the more personalized menus have better food.   Beacon’s menu was of the homegrown type, a good sign.  The front cover noted that they’d been in business since 1941.  As our visit progressed we saw their secret for such longevity.

A friendly waitress took our order.  As we sipped at our coffee, quite good, we talked and looked around.  The Beacon sports a casual charm.  Beacon 443 foodIt’s obviously been tastefully redecorated through the years.   Given their easy chatter with the staff, many of the customers seemed to be regulars who enjoy the friendliness and warm atmosphere.

Soon our food arrived.  M. had ordered eggs benedict with hash browns, rather than homefries.  The order was well-prepared with the poached eggs perfectly cooked, and hot.  The hash brown pattie was golden brown.  I’d ordered a Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.  The menu had also offered the waffle with creamed chipped beef, but strawberries held far more appeal.  My meal was exceptionally tasty, not too sweet.  The whipped cream was smooth and light – real cream.

Our attentive waitress kept our coffee cups filled.  Great food, great service in a comfortable diner.

Our total bill came to about $14 (plus tip) for Eggs Benedict, hash browns, a Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream, and two coffees.

The Beacon 443 Diner/Restaurant is located at 35 Blakeslee Blvd. E. (Highway 443) in Lehighton, PA.  (610) 377-1782.  If you’re ever driving west on 248 from Bath, continue on to Lehighton and stop in for a delicious, home-cooked diner meal.  You’ll enjoy it!  (And if you happen to spot another diner along 248 between the two towns, you will let us know, won’t you?  Just click “comments” at the top.)


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Saturday morning shopping took my husband and me to Easton. On our way, weTic Toc Sign decided to stop for breakfast at the Tic Toc Family Restaurant, located near the intersection of Highway 22 and 25th Street. It had been a while since we’d eaten at the Tic Toc, long before Pennsylvania’s restaurant smoking ban went into effect.

We arrived soon after 9:30 AM and were surprised to see that the parking lot was only about a quarter-filled. Unusual for a Saturday morning. Either the rainy weather or the economy seemed to be keeping people away.

Inside, the manager offered us a choice of booths in the now smoke-free restaurant. We chose one near the front window, looking out onto the damp Tic Toc Restaurantand dreary day. But the day brightened some when our cordial waitress set two cups of steaming coffee in front of us then took our order. The Tic Toc’s breakfast menu is a typical diner menu, and includes an extensive assortment of omelettes and other egg offerings, French Toast, waffles, and side dishes. The Belgian Waffles caught my eye today, while my husband ordered steak and eggs.

As we waited for our food, two silver-haired ladies and their middle-aged sons and daughters were seated nearby. What a wonderful sight, seeing them talking, laughing, and eating together. There is something special about taking elderly parents out for breakfast, both in their enjoyment and your own.

Tic Toc BreakfastOur food soon arrived. My husband’s steak was medium rare, as he’d requested. His home fries and toast were nicely browned, but he said the potatoes tasted of onions and his eggs were small. My Belgian Waffle was warm and tasty. The bacon, however, was greasy and overly chewy. Service was good. Although our waitress was busy with the large family and other new customers, she kept our coffee cups filled.

Our total bill came to just under $18 (plus tip) for steak, eggs, home fries, toast, a Belgian Waffle and side order of bacon, and two cups of coffee. The food ranged from fair to good. Our waitress was both pleasant and attentive.

The Tic Toc Family Restaurant is located at 2510 Northampton Street in Easton, PA. They are open 24 hours.


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“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?" ........... "What's for breakfast?" said Pooh. "What do you say, Piglet?" ...... "I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet. ... Pooh nodded thoughtfully. "It's the same thing," he said.” ...... ― A.A. Milne
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