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Christmas calls. Late this morning we headed north up Highway 33 to the Poconos on our annual trek for Christmas greenery.  As we drove across the mountain at Wind Gap, we were awed by Saturday’s gift.  Trees and bushes everywhere were covered in a luminous Christmas card white.  Along Route 209 in Brodheadsville, about five miles west of Highway 33, we happened upon the Meadowbrook Diner.  We decided to stop for breakfast.

M. was intrigued by a sign on the restaurant’s west side and started to park there. I soon convinced him that it probably wasn’t intended for us.  “Maybe when we retire dear,” I told him.  With a deadpan expression, he replied “We’ll trade in your Jeep.”  He winked then swung the vehicle into a more appropriate spot.

The Meadowbrook is not a large diner, but it has a cozy country feel.  Inside, we were told we could sit where we wished.  The small restaurant was packed but there were two booths available; we chose the one next to a window.  As we waited for our waitress and M. settled himself with the morning news, I noted the smooth efficiency of the staff.  Waitresses took orders and the bussers cleaned tables.

When the waitress set our menus on the table, we asked for our usual coffees and water.   We skimmed through the simple menu offerings – standard egg dishes, a variety of omelets, pancakes, and Belgian waffles.   Our waitress set down our coffee mugs and water glasses, then took our order.  I’d decided on a Belgian waffle.  With an apologetic smile, she told me they’d run out of the Belgian waffles.  Both M. and I settled on eggs and bacon.

The coffee was well-prepared, not too strong, but with a fine, robust flavor.   As we waited for our food, a co-worker of our waitress stopped by with a refill.  We browsed the newspaper, and enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere.

Soon our waitress arrived with two large plates of food.  M. had ordered sunny-side up eggs and I’d ordered scrambled.  The homefries were a bit buttery, but otherwise were thinly sliced, fresh tasting, and hot.  Nicely browned, too.  Our bacon was crisp, and the eggs were tasty and cooked to order.  All in all, a comfortably good diner breakfast.

Our total bill came to just under $17 (plus tip) for two orders that each included 2 large eggs, 4 slices of bacon, toast, a large serving of homefries, and 2 coffees with ample refills.  Overall service was friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere was homey.

The Meadowbrook Diner III is located along the south side of Route 209 in Brodheadsville, roughly 5 miles west of Highway 33.  Phone – 570-992-5205.


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