We woke early this morning, a regular weekday habit that doesn’t go away on holidays.  With just our immediate family expected for Thanksgiving dinner this year, and not until early evening, we decided to go out for breakfast.  M. and I donned our warm winter jackets, hopped into our car and drove west toward Bath, PA and the Town & Country Restaurant.

My decision over what to order was made before I stepped from the car.  The large sign announced “Pumpkin Hotcakes.”  What better choice could there be for a Thanksgiving Day breakfast?

With its homey country decor, the restaurant felt warm and inviting.  The smiling hostess immediately showed us to a bright booth off to the left.   We asked for coffee and water then settled in to study the extensive breakfast menu.   Lots of standard breakfast fare but we also saw a few surprises.  The Godfather Omelet was topped with marinara sauce.  The chili egg dish looked perfect for a cold winter day.  But I couldn’t get those Pumpkin Hotcakes out of my mind.

A friendly waitress took our order then disappeared into the kitchen. We skimmed through sections of the morning paper.  Stores will open earlier than ever for Black Friday sales, some as early as 3 AM.  (Why go to bed ?)  A few department stores are offering Black Friday specials on Thanksgiving Day — online orders only but with free shipping.  Amazing.  Many retailers vying for fewer dollars.

As our waitress brought our food we realized the restaurant was filling up.  Others, old and young, were sitting down at the counter, and at tables and booths.  Glad we got there early.

M. had ordered his latest favorite — poached eggs, bacon, wheat toast.  His large eggs were hot, the bacon crisp, and the toast nicely browned.   I’d ordered only two pumpkin pancakes; I could have been satisfied with one.  They were huge, hot, and delicious.  The pumpkin flavor was subtle with the cakes moist and filled with flavor.  The waitress had offered me a choice of syrups — regular, lite, and sugar free.  I used the lite syrup sparingly.  Truly wonderful.

Our bill for breakfast — his two eggs, three slices of bacon, wheat toast, and my two large pancakes, plus our two cups of coffee — came to just over $10 (not including tip).   A reasonable price.  With its warm, inviting atmosphere, friendly and efficient service, and good home-cooked food, the Town & Country in Bath is well worth a visit.

The Town & Country Restaurant is located at 350 S. Walnut Street (Hwy. 512) in Bath, PA.  610-837-7220.  They are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also provide take-out orders.   Today they are serving a special Thanksgiving Day Buffet from 11 AM to 7 PM.


P. S. This evening we will gather with those closest to us.  We’ll dine on roast turkey and stuffing, on sweet potatoes, cranberries, and green beans.   After the table is cleared, if there’s still room in our bellies, we’ll fork in some pumpkin or cherry pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream  We’ll talk, and laugh, and take joy in our time together.  Family, friends, food — reasons aplenty to be grateful.  May you and yours find happiness together this Thanksgiving Day!   Blessings and a warm thank you to all.

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